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About Me

Hello and welcome to my website….and here I am in Greece August 2016

I am a internet entrepreneur, MLM lover, life lover, dreamer and a mother

My life is most likely like many others out there – yet not, like is the case for many…

So I will start this about me page with a short short intro to who I am and where I started.

I was born in the USA by American parents, my mom moved to Norway when I was 3 years old (she met my stepfather). I grew up here went to school got my first jobs here and in my early 20ties met an American/Norwegian guy on vacation in NY. I then got pregnant moved to NY at the age of 26….and the rest is history….hahahaha.              I moved back to Norway after I suffered a severe stroke in 2010…

However after 12 years in the USA I must say it feels GREAT to be back in Norway, I honestly couldn’t take it over there anymore…no offense guys!

While I was in the USA I got introduced so heavily and strongly to the “American Dream” and I can see why, now that I am away. Sooo…this dream kind of stuck with me, especially since I have always had issues with working for others!

So in all this I grew a strong desire to grow spiritually, mentally, and financially and I started seeking the “way” around 2008.
In this time I have signed up to numerous newsletters, products, sites….you name it I have probably heard of it or tried it, Online and off line, but I quickly realized that I am not a heavy seller nor do I like to push things on people, whether I like the service or product or not. I don’t mind talking day and night about something I like if someone would be kind enough to lend me their ear but selling, direct selling…NOPE!
Now since 2008 I have been on and off again with the online making money arena, but in this time I have gained allot of knowledge. However I have never really put 100% in on learning one trade or one aspect of the online business thoroughly enough to actually do anything with it, to teach or share what I have learned/am learning

Although I have signed up for every training under the sun…basically!! Until now…. I made up my mind and I am getting it going step by step…..

It has to be done if I want to get anywhere before I’m under!!!

Now I’m sharing my knowledge and what I am learning along the way (although I still don’t really like doing videos, I have done a few but I will also do them going foward)  I am also using the the Internet to grow as a person in awareness and in spirit.

Everyday I am learning how to become a better person for the benefit for me and everyone around me 😉

I am also learning how to network better and better and how to use Facebook/social media the right way, and how to become a person with multiple streams of income living the Laptop Lifestyle! 😉

I believe that beginning looking within oneself and looking at oneself as a spiritual being will change your life, is is changing mine!

DOING and TAKING ACTION. will move you forward

I don’t have to take massive action (cause then nothing get’s done) I am taking baby steps, and will until I can run!

Like Napoleon Hill said: “Do it now. The Time Will Never Be Just Right.”

And with that, this site will grow, I will grow and I hope you will come back for more 🙂

Have a Blessed Day and may God be with you in everything you do!