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BTCClock is No More – Yet another fluke… :'(

Well…here is yet another HYIP I invested in and promoted that flunked!!!

No more HYIPs for me, I’m done. From now I will only sign up to programs that

I am recommended by facebook friends into passive investing like me and other friends that I

have a relastionship with on facebook…the ones I trust!!!

It is getting harder and harder to sifer between the legit companies and the cons but luckely I signed up to a program called BitcoinsWealthClub (affiliate link) and I am signing up to each program within this program.

I have also signed up to another program where I feel that the creator is trust worthy. He has put together 3 programs under one which he called ProTeamBuilder (affiliate link) that all are passive income earners.

To read my original post on BTCClock, you can click here

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