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Why Become an Affiliate Marketer!


Why Become an Affiliate Marketer! Are you asking why so many seem to yearn for the life of an Affiliate Marketer? So many want to become an affiliate marketer? In that case, I will tell you in 7 short bullet points why there are so many people trying out as an …

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What Is Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing… What is Affiliate Marketing? Ever wondered about that and still can't seem to really grasp it? In that case, I will try to explain it in an understandable coherent way. Let's start this post with a simple explanation: “Affiliate marketing is the relationship between 3 parties”: Advertiser – 2. …

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Why You Should Recruite Network Marketers


I have been told that the best people to recruit for your online business is network marketers, and you may be asking “Why you should recruit network marketers” to your business? I have heard this time and time again while figuring out the world of Network Marketing…it sounds easy but believe me, it's …

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Email Marketing Terms You Need To Know

A little guide if you are confused by the email marketing terms that you encounter throughout the different websites, I hope it helps 🙂 Email Marketing Terms Auto-Responder (AR) An email service that sends out pre-written emails to anyone who fills out an opt-in form. Opt-in (Subscribe) (OI) When a …

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Using Your Newsletter To Sell Advertising Space

    NEWSLETTER ADVERTISING Now with the internet, it is probably hard for someone to think of newspaper delivery but for only 20 years ago it was all there was and papers had advertising spots. If you look closely at the companies that deliver papers today as a business case study; …

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