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Stop Spamming People With Your “Opportunity” …

I think I'm finally reached my end of being all over the place! I am consentrating on 4 things now. Contrary to what people think and what they are told, you can't just go online, start spamming people with your “opportunity” and expect to make money! Neither can you work …

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BTCClock is No More – Yet another fluke… :'(

Well…here is yet another HYIP I invested in and promoted that flunked!!! No more HYIPs for me, I'm done. From now I will only sign up to programs that I am recommended by facebook friends into passive investing like me and other friends that I have a relastionship with on …

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Just a little info on Online Business

1. If you want the fastest way to make money online¬†and build your list you will need to get traffic to your onlinebusiness and the fastest traffic you can get is paid advertising. If you are really low on money, use a revenue generating traffic exchage site to build your …

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Bitcoin Explained In Details

bitcoin and dollars

This video will explain to you what bitcoin is. This is for you that is unsure of what bitcoin really is and is curious Click here to sign up for free Are you interested in what I am doing sign up for my newsletter here ==>>

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How Incredibly Successful People THINK

I don't know how to do that! I don't have those skills or that kind of money! …and they stop! Don't feel like you have what it takes, well think again….cause it's all in your mind! Do you have a dream of freeing yourself from your j-o-b? Then click here …

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