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BTCClock is No More – Yet another fluke… :'(

Well…here is yet another HYIP I invested in and promoted that flunked!!! No more HYIPs for me, I'm done. From now I will only sign up to programs that I am recommended by facebook friends into passive investing like me and other friends that I have a relastionship with on …

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These are all SCAMS!!!  https://logicalinv.com – Never got my money, have no idea where it went once I tried to withdraw! http://traderscrew.com – they don't even have their website up anymore!! http://bitraise.net – has also no site anymore! https://autobitcoinbuilder.com – Never received my money when withdrew and never got an …

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Ok so here comes an update on the ones I tried out… They are ALL scams, so now you know incase you still want/get tempted to put your money in one of them! First. I went to check on VIP-INVEST – the page is gone!! So there I lost $10 …

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So lateley I have come accross these sites that promise you anywhere from 0.3% – 2000% Return on you investments with some of the programs starting at only $10. These programs are called HYIP and the definition of HYIP is “High Yield Investment Program” I of course invested $10 in …

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Bitraise Investing

YET ANOTHER UPDATE 02.05(May).2017: This as all the other HYIP programs on my site is a scam! Don't eve bother. Now they claim that I have opened another account basically multi accounts from same IP…which of course is not true. I sent them an email and they asked me to …

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