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Programs I Use – Programs I Put Money Into

Here I have lined up the PTC Traffic Programs that I am active in (with the exeption of cryptobixt and meganova2x3), unfortunately I don't have the thousands of dollars to show you yet since I am building from the lowest adpacks on all of them… however it does work, I have …

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Adding on Ad-Packs in MyPayingAds

So far I have earned $16….we will see….I keep on surfin….All together I now have 10 adpacks, the goal is to at least have 30 and then it's only up from there 🙂 Honestly…it is a slow method to earn money but you do earn!  

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If You Don’t Have Money…

To put into growing your online business there is a way to start although you will have to have patience, stamina and realize nothing comes easy! But if you are really keen on creating your own income from home, the so called “Laptop Income” or “Laptop Business” I can show …

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Manage Multiple PTC Sites

Well with all my browsing and PTC action going on I came accross this chrome extention which I of course had to install and try out…and boy am I glad I did! It centralizes all your ptc sites in one place and you can go through and do your clicking …

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Surf Sites For Money and Advertising

Hello, I know it's been a while since I posted here and I appologize, I've just been so busy with working as an extra over here in Norway, plus I've been surfing my ass off trying out this new website I found. Soooo…..I will post a page with the different …

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