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USI-TECH and Bitcoin

Are you into Bitcoin, then increase your bitcoin by 460%, over and over again! A Quick Presentation A Longer Presentation If you know anything about Bitcoin, you will jump on this!! Open your free account here: USI-TECH Friend me on Facebook here: FACEBOOK

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Manage Multiple PTC Sites

Well with all my browsing and PTC action going on I came accross this chrome extention which I of course had to install and try out…and boy am I glad I did! It centralizes all your ptc sites in one place and you can go through and do your clicking …

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Solo Ad Vendors


Vendors that I have used Phillip P. Brewer http://clickactiontraffic.com/ 100 clicks – $40 Solo Ad Checker – Is not an acutal vendor but a membersite with compiled solo ad vendors. It is a great place to start out with solo ads. I will come back with more info. I am trying …

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Food For Thought

It is not just about making money, it is also about doing good thowards others. Whether it be a few people or the whole world. I just watched this video on TED Talk and Harish Manwani, COO of Unilever, talks about that it’s every companies responsibility to include value, purpose …

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How to Create a More Organized Desk

If you’re trying to organize your mind to reduce decision fatigue and information overload, then you need to make sure that you organize the space around you. In many ways, our spaces are a reflection of the state of our mind – but actually the correlation works both ways and …

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