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So lateley I have come accross these sites that promise you anywhere from 0.3% – 2000% Return on you investments with some of the programs starting at only $10.

These programs are called HYIP and the definition of HYIP is “High Yield Investment Program”

I of course invested $10 in the first one that popped up on my screen, Bitraise.net. I waited 10 days and my $10 had jumped up to $18 needless to say I got “inspired” a nice way to say “greedy”…lol…so I reinvested the $18 and got $34.20, I reinvested that and now I am waiting for my $61,56,-

After I “earned” the $34,20 I got a feeling this is to good to be true so I have done a little search online about these so calle HYIP programs (after I invested togheter $20 in two different HYIP programs…my inspiratiaon has escalated…

Here is what I have figured out:

  1. GOLDEN RULE: Only invest what you can afford to loose (they seem to suddenly disapear…)


  1.  Are you looking for low risk investments…RUN…DO NOT PLAY HERE DANGER ZONE!
  2.  Stay clear of programs that have hourly returns (I'm guilty….yes…I am in one now)
  3.  Do a little research on the program you want to join, ask in various forums but remember
  4.  The HYIP’S monitors, with some exceptions, are not reliable. Sometimes they are funded by the HYIPS themselves!
  5.  If there is a phone, call and see who and how they answer the call.
  6. Test the support response through email and avoid them if their support is a gmail, hotmail, yahoo or the likes email….can probably say that 99.99% it's a scam!t (Yepp….guilty of ignoring that one as well)
  7. If you can, check where they are registered and if they host other programs as well!
  8.  Like I said earlier invest the least amount allowed, cause if it's a scam and the owner reaches large sums quickly, he/she will swooosh…be gone…with your money!
  9. Diversify…diversify, diversify! By diversifying you can reduce the risk of massive loss
  10. Check if the programs accepts STP (SolidTrustPay) or Payza. These two programs are able to stop transfers if there are reports of fraud/scam. However be careful, just because they accept payments through these two payment proccessors doesn't mean they are legit, it just means they can be!

Only invest for 1 cycle, this to do your best at avoiding the HYIP running of with your money. If after 30 days the program unlocks your money, withdraw the funds and invest in a new HYIP. DO NOT TRUST THEM just because you have gotten your money before (ohhh….man, I should have done my homework earlier…honestly it wouldn't have made a difference…I am a risk taker!)

So here is the bottome line if you decide to invest in HYIP:

  • Choose up to 10-20 different HYIP programs (I have choosen measly 3…lol)
  • Do not invest large sums of money
  • If you have the mony and guts you can invest from $50-100 in each HYIP program, that is if you want to make some money (I am a risk taker but in small sums….;)
  • When your cycle is over, withdraw your money, close account and reinvest in a new program
  • Rinse and repeat…

So now all that is left for me is to take the advice I have found and forwarded to you and use it myself 🙂

Here are the 3 programs I am in

  1. Bitraise.net



high yield investment program Bitraise dot net
The first one I invested in. I have reinvested 3 times….uhhh

2. Logicalinv.com

Logical invest high yield investement progra,
The second one….I really have no clue but my money is rising….haha

3. VIP-Earning.com

vip-investment high yield investment program
3rd one….yep…still no clue…but once again…more money 😀


Happy investing!

NB! To read the latest on my invests


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