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Innvesting in Jolly5Pro

Ok, so now I have yet another investment program to share…cause I was able to withdraw from this one as well, so I have to share 😉

It's called Jolly5pro.

Honestly I don't know much about it, I was contacted through Facebook by a online friend and I got curious so I signed up, put in $10 and after 41 days I earned $5

Not really sure how they invest or anything but I have actually invested more this time around

I deposited $50 on 07.11.2017 but they only deposit on Wednsdays and they have limits for user deposits… so my deposit won't actually start until 07.19.2017

This top picture is my Payeer account that shows that there has been a deposit to my payeer from Jolly5pro

The picture above is my payeer account

Here is a picture of my jolly5pro withdrawel



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