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Innvesting in Jolly5Pro

Ok, so now I have yet another investment program to share…cause I was able to withdraw from this one as well, so I have to share ūüėČ

It’s called Jolly5pro.

Honestly I don’t know much about it, I was contacted through Facebook by a online friend and I got curious so I signed up, put in $10 and after 41 days I earned $5

Not really sure how they invest or anything but I have actually invested more this time around

I deposited $50 on 07.11.2017 but they only deposit on Wednsdays and they have¬†limits for user deposits… so my deposit won’t actually start until 07.19.2017

This top picture is my Payeer account that shows that there has been a deposit to my payeer from Jolly5pro

The picture above is my payeer account

Here is a picture of my jolly5pro withdrawel


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