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YET ANOTHER UPDATE 02.05(May).2017:

This as all the other HYIP programs on my site is a scam! Don't eve bother. Now they claim that I have opened another account basically multi accounts from same IP…which of course is not true. I sent them an email and they asked me to send verification, which I did on April 23 and I have never heard back from them!!!

UPDATE 14.04.2017:

I have now re-invested my $61.56 and it is growing as you can see from the picture

Just to show that so far so good!

Looking so forward to gaining more đŸ˜‰


APRIL 04.2017

I would like to introduce you to bitraise.com

Honestly I don't know how this works with large sums of money but I started with $10 and as you can see I have re-invested and next time I can withdraw I will have earned 61,56 USD from $10….

The reason I started with the lowest amount is because I have done a little research on the company and from everything I could find it seems a bit shady.

You can do a google research if you'd like

You have to keep the money in for 10 days in order for it to grow.

I have to others I am investing in as well and I will show you guys my plan later.


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