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Joining Facebook Groups

Facebook groups is a great place to place your ads for free, or have interactions with other people within your niche. There are litererly thousands of groups to join so it's just to find the ones that cater to your niche.

To join a facebook group you need a facebook profile, if you happen to be one without a facebook profile Click Here to sign up for one. If you are wondering if this is an affiliate link I have to tell you that facebook does NOT have any affiliate links 😉

Now if you already have a facebook profile what you need to do is:

Go to your facebook profile, while you are on your wall click on the link to the left where it says Groups, type your niche in the search bar at the top or click on the manage group under the down arrow in the top right (see picture)!

Whatever engagment you have in the facebook groups, will show in all your friends notifications if  they are also in those groups. Granted they have not turned off the groups notifications.

As I tried to demonstrate in the picture above there are 3 ways to find and post in groups:

Step 1) Go to the left of you facebook page while in your news wall (the wall where you get your friends post updates on) Scroll down until you find “Explore” under that it should be a link that says “Groups”

Step 2) Type your niche keywords in the facebook search box, e.g: internet marketing, make money online, mlm, work from home etc.

Step 3) Go to the little down arrow on the top right and click on it, then a list should come up. Scroll down untill you see where it says “Manage Groups” and click on that link.

I have to tell you that facebook has a restriction on how many groups you can join in one day. I would stick with 10 -15 groups a day just to be safe. I am however not sure what their limit is but it may be something like 50…I think

If you don't have anything to promote on facebook…Promote THIS CPA affiliate program, it is free to sign up and promote but not sure for how long it will stay free!

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