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Programs I Use – Programs I Put Money Into

Here I have lined up the PTC Traffic Programs that I am active in (with the exeption of cryptobixt and meganova2x3), unfortunately I don't have the thousands of dollars to show you yet since I am building from the lowest adpacks on all of them… however it does work, I have repurchased many adpacks in MyPayingAds, 10AdsPay and MyRevenueAds with what I have made. My aim at the moment is to fill up all the adpacks from the lowest $adpacks, which I think is 100 in each program..but not sure, eitherway I have a while to go 😉

I have added on PTC Sites since I wrote the article “Surf Sites For Money and Advertising


Lowest Adpack is $5 with no membership fee. Membership-fee starts at $10

10AdsPay start at $2 then jumps to $25 and then $50

My revenueAds starts $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $20 and then $50

The AdsPro start at $10, $25, $50, $75, you can also click ads for free which earns you from $0.0006-0.00012

MyPayingCryptoAds starts their adpack at 0.01btc, 0.03btc, 0.05btc, 0.1btc

Haven paid for MyIncomePlace yet, just doing the free surf.

FutureAdPro has so much more then just the adspart so I suggest you take a look at the presentation.

In cryptobitx I put in the minimum required which is: 0.001btc

Meganova is One Dream, One Team and One Link for All!!!
Here you get started with 0.01 btc who can't afford that?


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