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Stop Spamming People With Your “Opportunity” …

I think I'm finally reached my end of being all over the place! I am consentrating on 4 things now.

Contrary to what people think and what they are told, you can't just go online, start spamming people with your “opportunity” and expect to make money!

Neither can you work 5 minutes a day…believe me, I have been victim of such thoughts myself…for more years than I'll ever like to admit!

If you have read my earlier blog post about Just A Little Info On Online Business I write about the 5 most important things in making money online.
Take a look and take to heart!

So to the meat of the matter of this blog post, and this is where I am laying my concentration going forward!
Traffic and lead generation.

Why these two; because in order to sell ANYTHING online you NEED traffic, no if's, or and about's about that, you NEED it! While you are gathering your traffic you will at the same time generate leads through your leadcapture page (need that as well) pluss your autoresponder for more info on that go to Just A Little Info On Online Business

So here is what you must have:

1. Must have an autoresponder
2. Must have leadpage (this one is a one time purchase if you have a selfhostet wordpress blog)
3. Must have an offer. This could also be your leadcapture program
4.Traffic (free or paid, again see my post Just A Little Info On Online Business


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