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OOOK, all I can say about this program is – I LIKE!!!

If you have read some of my post you know by now I like to check out these HYIP programs and most of them turn out to be pure rubbish!!!

But well so far BTCCLOCK.IO  has been really good and paying out everytime. Just take a look here:

They pay out!!!

My withdrawal is pending, since I'm taking money out, the arrow is red.

And in my Coinbase account you see it pending there as well

It deposited!

And then I put money back as you can see in the picture below.

All together I have put in about $180 and some of those deposits are re-investments

This is definitely a program I recomend, but when investing your money in various online programs with no history, no information about who is behind, names etc; I would start off with an amount I would be comfortable with loosing and just re-invest!!


PS reminder! Links are affilate links


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