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Ok so here comes an update on the ones I tried out…

They are ALL scams, so now you know incase you still want/get tempted to put your money in one of them!

First. I went to check on VIP-INVEST – the page is gone!! So there I lost $10 thank God it was only $10

This is how the page looks now


So I kept an eye on Logical Invest and now that page is gone as well! I had accumulated $473 and tried to withdraw $390 on Sunday 23.04.2017 and today Monday 24.04.2017 I got to this page:


So I thought “at least I have Bitraise.net” left so I went to check my investment on their site…

I tried to withdraw $48 and then they suspend my account!

So guys, I only used $30 all together…so for those of you that

ohhh….and I forgot I added a 4th one called “RollMyCoin” Total bullshit right there along the rest!

Roll my coin tells me after I invested 0.03 bitcoin which is $37.4097 that I need to invest 0.15 Bitcoin which is $187.0497 to activate the withdrawel function!!!! NO WHERE on the site does it say you have to invest 0.15 Bitcoin to be able to withdraw your funds!!

So there you go, my experience with the mentioned HYIP that I tried has been NOTHING BUT LOSS because the programs are all SCAMS!!  When investing in HYIP it's a matter of withdrawing your money before they disapear!

So I stick to my advice that I gave in my earlier post HYIP DO NOT INVEST LARGE SUMS OF MONEY! 

Also, I would like to Add, don't invest more then $10

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