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Why Do You Blog…

Hell how should I know???

My guess is that you want to share your passion, your life, your work experiences, your everyday life, your travels, your love for your kids, spouse or whatever else reason you have to blog, but do you know that you need people to see your written words, your ideas on your relationship etc…cause you do?!

… or no one is going to know about you! So in other words you need readers, followers and readers/followers = traffic! Do you know you can make money promoting yourself? Keep reading…

Me on the other hand keep asking myself “why do I blog” and the answer is pretty much the same:

“I blog because I want to share what I learn, help others learn what I learn and of course earn money!

I am sure you are wondering where I'm going with all this, well here it is:

-> Do you care what others think about you blogging? (I used to…not anymore)

-> Do you have an interest that you really love and want to share?

-> Do you have the desire to share yours and others opinions?

-> Do you want to make money? Do you want to make money from your blog?

-> Do you dream of living the “laptop lifestyle” from your blogging?

So if you want to share, want to make money and want to live the “laptop lifestyle” and it's hard to figure it all out, start with 3 simple steps (as you keep learning of course!!) or I PROMISE you, you will get confused and become effected by the “shiny object syndrom”

Here is a very short (pun intended;) but very direct step-by-step way to get started….(without confusion)

  1. You need a blog, you can either buy a domain or start off with a free one here WordPress.com
  2. Start writing
  3. Get traffic to your blog

Getting traffic to your blog sounds easy enough….but once you really get into it you will se it's not as easy as you first thought…

There are so, sooooo many ways to get traffic…but one way is to use Traffic Exchange sites with revenue share!

Cause you can earn money (to put into growing your online business/getting more eyes on your blog/create multiple streams of income) while you promote your blog, webshop, yourself, website, YouTube channel, Instagram…while your Internet traffic is growing.
Does not matter…

Read  this post if you want to know a little more about 2 of the programs I am using

So the point of all this is – if you want to blog for profit, passion or both…you need eyes to see your message…

—————————–END OF STORY———————————

PS! Have to throw this one in here;I have a thankful blog (I forget to blog on), where I (when I remember) post reasons for being thankful 🙂

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