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Why McDonalds Is So Successful…



Do you know why McDonalds is so successful? No…Yes…

It's because they make everything the same, they have a special order in how they make, create and sell their food; they systemize everything. This makes it easy for anyone who wants to start their own business because everything is already laid out, all the buyer has to do is come up with the money and follow the instructions!

They have a system in place and this system they sell to other individuals who want to own a business and make money. There are several of these kinds of businesses like 7 Eleven, Donkin Donuts, RE/MAX, Taco Bell, Krispy Creme Donut, Subway, Burger King, Hertz, Pizza Hut…and the list goes on!

And the name for this kind of businesses is franchise

In the online world this can be called “Hight Ticket, Top Tier or Profit Maximizer” in the online world.

There is one big difference between the online and offline world…

The online world enables you to do all your work from ANYWHERE in the world, you are not confined to a physical space like you are in the offline world.

Why is it then so hard for people to understand that the same thing in the offline world goes for the online world?

I see so many people cry “Scam” as soon it comes to paying out money in order to make money.

I have never heard of anyone giving away a McDonalds, 7 Eleven or a Hertz first to see if the “potential buyer” can make money before they buy the business, so why do people have this mentality about online businesses?

Offline they don't even give you a chance to look at it before you buy it, and this you can do online for a measly $1

I guess that is a question for a psychologist or at least it's a question that I can not answer but what I can answer is this; if you are interested in making money online and you understand the concept of spending money to make money then you should take a look at this system and receive Affiliate Marketing Ideas Free


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